The Corporate Side

The first month or so of my job was one that was full of rehearsal dinners, wedding venues, and cake cuttings. Just recently, I got the opportunity to assist with many different types of corporate events! This past weekend Texas A&M played Tennessee (and we won in 2 OT!!), but alongside that a lot of different organizations held luncheons or dinner parties. I got the opportunity to meet a wide variety of our clients through this long weekend.

My first event was on Thursday evening at a local families home. This was a special event to honor certain families for their giving spirit toward Texas A&M University. My amazing boss {Ashley @ Ashley & Co.} even asked me if I could do the floral arrangements for this event! I was so excited for this opportunity because I was finally able to combine my new job with my love of flowers! These light pink garden roses and the deep red roses add depth to the table linen and the lantern, while the eucalyptus adds a beautiful wispy green to the overall look. 

On Friday morning (really early....) I ventured onto main campus and spent the morning decorating a ballroom for a luncheon. This was a great learning experience for me because I got the chance to learn how to set place settings, which I had never done or paid attention to before! This luncheon was one of great honor to be apart of and I absolutely fell in love with the maroon napkins on this unique linen!

My absolute favorite piece of the whole luncheon had to be these gorgeous succulent arrangements I spent some time making! I love the contrast of the rough, masculine succulents against the shiny gold holders! These arrangements are simple, but have such an impact on the overall table setting when seen all together! Love these pieces just sitting on the books that hold so much Aggie history (We used all "Aggieland" books).

Our last event was a very unique one I must say. I never would of thought that this construction site would become the set for our next event, but it happened! These cafe lights, table linens, and simplicity of the floral arrangements make the room look very professional and gorgeous! We even got to set up a couch and lounging area off to the side for people to visit at (not in the picture). 

Here is a close up of the floral I got the opportunity to design. I love the simplicity of only using single white flowers against the tropical leaves. The terrariums were made in all different ways which made each table its own unique design! These looked so gorgeous against the pattern of the table linen. 

These events have taught me so much about the event planning industry and I have loved the opportunity to bring in my floral skills! I have always said that through my floral business I wanted to bring smiles through flowers, and I truly feel like I have accomplished that when I see the end results of the event setup. I will forever be grateful for this amazing job and all the opportunities and people I have met through it!