The Office

I have spent most of this time showing y'all all of the gorgeous events and designs I have got to assist with! As much as I love this side of my internship, there is so much more to my job than just going to a set site and helping make it beautiful.

My weeks always starts with a bang! This is fun, laughter, and determination every Monday afternoon. After going to class, I go to the Ashley & Co office and get to do all different kinds of activities! These may range from going upstairs to gather items for the weeks events, answering phone calls, checking linens, or anything else that must be done to be prepared for the week ahead. 

This past Monday, I got the chance to learn how to tag and sort all of our linens. This included our table linens, runners, sashes, overlays, etc. My boss, Ashley, has been the best about teaching me all aspects of the business and taking the time out of her busy day to sit down and teach me step by step. 

I must say that this internship has been one that has helped me to find my overall career path and learn a new part of this industry. Over just the past three months, I have been exposed to so many different situations to help me learn and grow. I can not wait for these next months of this crazy, enjoyable adventure!