Corporate Catchup

Howdy! I wanted to share a few events from this past month that were an absolute honor to be apart of! The first of these events was the College of Veterinary Medicine 100th anniversary and grand opening of the new college building. This event was held around Veterans Day so we got to put up these lovely flags for some extra decoration.....(Thank you to all of our troops fighting around the world!!)

The second of these events was an inside dinner that many donors were invited to attend at the new College of Veterinary Medicine building. These black and silver linens against the gold napkins make for a gorgeous, elegant pairing!! The floral pieces add great dimension with the different heights and deep fall colors! To say I fell in love with the overall look of this dinner is a major understatement!


Texas A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine is going to be a great place for students to study and learn! I was happy to get the chance to create a day for the donors that would show them exactly how big of a difference they were making!! This job is one I enjoy doing every single day and getting to share these pictures with you makes it even better!