Small Business Showcase: Week 1

Hey y'all! One of my closest friends in college is a girl with some amazing talents! She loves to get crafty, water paint her own cards, and photograph anything! We share a mutual passion for junkin and Warrenton!

This is Julia! She grew up in Pennsylvania and decided to come down to Texas A&M for college!!! I could not be more grateful that she made that decision, which allowed us to meet and become great friends! 

Her and her boyfriend, Nolan, are known as Sundance & Co. This is a photography business that they started years ago and are so passionate about! These two are some of the best I know at taking pictures and they love to share their life with anyone through the pictures they take!

These two have some amazing talent when behind the camera!! Taking photographs is just a part of their everyday life because it is something they enjoy so much! When enjoy what you are doing, you never feel like you are working.

Here is a few photos just to showcase their talents!

Make sure to take the time to check out Sundance & Co. blog and their Facebook/Instagram pages! (All photos in this post were taken by them!!) They have a very special fire inside of them to start their own business, so make sure to go see them and help to continue their dream!