Everything Home Magazine

Recently, I was blessed with the chance to be featured in Everything Home Magazine. I got to design many different items for weddings recently, and decided to use them in the magazine. Check out the magazine for more detail as well as other amazing ideas and wardrobe inspiration! The first one was my cousins wedding box crates. My cousin got married in last April and had a lot of wall space to cover in her reception area. She loves the old vintage feel of lace, pearls, and burlap so I absolutely loved doing this. She gave me some old crates that she had found in our grandpa's old barn that she wanted to use somehow. I decided to place them on the wall giving off a 3D Effect and added the antique wedding topper to continue that vintage feel inside the boxes. 

The next project in the magazine was a group of greened embroidery hoops. One Saturday, my mom and I were out garage sale shopping when we found some old embroidery hoops. A couple came to me wanting to place flowery decorations on the walls of the hall, but was not sure on anything else past that. I decided to use these old embroidery hoops and placed greenery on all of them to add a great contrast to the wall they would be placed on. This group was a great conversation piece and the couple absolutely loved them!

This is one of my favorite items used for weddings, the flowering bicycle wheel! This really shows how any item can be used in a totally different way than it was made for. With this, I was able to incorporate something the couple loved to do into their special day. I firmly believe that the items I use should be able to connect with the customer or their interests. 

I am so grateful to be featured in Everything Home Magazine and in the piece by Deborah Sommerlot.  Check out the magazine for more detail as well as other amazing ideas and wardrobe inspiration! https://issuu.com/everythinghomemagazine/docs/march2016?e=18910945%2F33798985