Cocktails & Centerpieces - Summer Sippers Sunshine

Thank you for coming by!! All of these drink are so great! I hope that you are enjoying the sun rays and making the most of your summer. Whether you are headed to a beach or the mountains for vacation, I hope you find the time to enjoy everything around you and make some great memories. This drink is super easy to make, but is one of my families absolute favorites!

This is one of the easiest recipes to make that everyone will love!

2 Tbsp Frozen Lemonade

3/4 Cup Minute Maid Lemonade

2/3 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream

2 or 3 Second Count of Whipped Cream Vodka

2/3 Cup Ice

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix well. Then enjoy!!

This weeks centerpiece is one of my favorites!! This vase is an old metal box that was given to me from my grandma. She used to have it in her kitchen and used it to put napkins in. This just shows how anything can be turned into a container for flowers! I wanted to pull some of the colors from the container for the flowers, which is why I first decided on these lovely yellow Spider Chrysanthemums. The pink alstroemeria and green mums tie in all the colors from the vase and the tree fern just adds that wispy look to the whole arrangement. This is a great arrangement that will brighten up any room! 

Elder Flower Lemonade Coconut Arnold Palmer pomegranate martini Spiked Lemonade Chill Sparkling Wine and Green Tea Refresher