Christmas Tablescape

Christmas dinner at the Marburger's includes all of the family sitting around a table either asking to pass Grandma's gravy or Papa's homemade rolls. New baby cousins experience their first holiday with the whole family and a mommy-to-be realizes just how much love her and her husbands baby will receive. This is where new memories are made and family bonds are made stronger. So wether your Christmas season is spent like the Griswold's or like a Hallmark movie, I hope this tablescape brings joy and love into your home this season. Now let me show you how to use flowers and greenery to set this scene.

For this Christmas, my momma and I decorated the house with an overall theme of simple, natural elements. This meant that the tree had brown feathers, twigs, faux grey logs, and of course BURLAP! I strongly believe you can never have too much burlap:) As I was thinking about what I wanted to do for our table, I kept being drawn back to white flowers, greenery, pine cones, and burlap. I wanted the tablescape to be fresh for everyone, which adds an element to the table that you can not get otherwise. I found this silver cake stand and fell in love with the look of it with all of the greenery. Alongside this, it was the perfect height so everyone could still see over it and talk, but not too small for the table overall.

After I decided on the colors and items I wanted to use, I went shopping at my local wholesaler to find the perfect flowers. If you're local, please give me a call and  I would love to arrange a centerpiece for you that makes your holiday special.I was recently introduced to BloomNation, which is a great place to use if there is not a floral shop or wholesaler close to you. Fun fact: since this is not the peak season for roses, they are less scented than normal, so they will not compete with the wonderful smells of everything you have cooking that day! After I got all of my fresh flowers, I started thinking about what other elements to use. The candles add a magical glow to each persons table set for the perfect dinner theme. I also needed something for the silverware to be placed in. I really did not want to purchase anything since I believe it adds more of a home feeling if it is made from the heart. So I headed to the craft room and made these silverware pockets out of burlap.

I wanted to continue the overall theme in the center with the roses and candles, so I made a mini arrangement for each persons table setting. They are able to take these home and keep a little bit of our Christmas dinner to enjoy for a few days after. Now the table is ready for the whole family to come on over and begin making those wonderful memories. 

And I'll leave you with the wise words of N'sync:

"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!"