Internship + Business Opportunities


Romantic Elopement Shoot: 03/10/18

Venue: Spicewood Nature Park

Styled shoots are either used for the purpose of marketing material or to be published in a larger publication, such as a bridal magazine or website. This shoot featured a bride + groom on an elopement wedding. I provided and designed the flowers for the shoot, as well as assisting everything to run smoothly on the day of. One of my favorite parts of this shoot was the canoe, featured above. This was the first time for me to design a piece over water, and it took a bit of time to think over the mechanics. I wanted to ensure a beautiful design that did not move with the waves or fall apart when placed in the water. After learning how to properly design this, I was able to use those same skills for a wedding in Austin, TX later that year.

Peach Creek.jpeg


Venue: Peach Creek Ranch

Kaitlyn + Patrick celebrated their marriage in College Station, Texas. I assisted with the day of coordination, specifically sending all bridal party down the isle, directing vendors to remain on the correct timeline, and cater to the bride + groom. One part of this job that I became very aware of was ensuring all chairs were placed correctly. I had never previously noticed how a chair pushed in to far will bunch up the table linen. This does not make for a beautiful picture, so my boss instructed me to go around and check each chair placement before the guests would be let into the reception space.

Peach Creek Ranch.jpeg

BROOKE + CHRIS: 08/25/17

Venue: Peach Creek Ranch

Brooke + Chris exchanged their vows at Peach Creek Ranch in College Station, Texas.Part of this job consisted of placing out all of the couple’s personal items and hand setting the table. This was the first time I had to set a table, so I had to learn which side the glass goes on and various other details. This was very important information to learn because I have used that knowledge many times since this wedding. The beautiful tall centerpieces provided a wonderful aspect of height throughout the entire reception space. The darker color combination provides a great transition into the cooler months and allows the flowers to be a perfect pop of color!


Alabama freelance assistance: 06/16/18

Venue: Anderson Gail Farms

A few years ago, I became friends with a florist in Montgomery, Alabama. After following each other for around three years, I decided to reach out and see if I could come assist him with a wedding. I was so happy when he said yes and especially when I found out what all we would be designing. During the design process, I was able to sit back and watch him then learn through looking at his completed design. He allowed me to be very hands on and design many different elements for the wedding day. I assisted with processing flowers, delivery, and set+up of all pieces. This event brought me a new perspective and a lot of knowledge on unique and elaborate designs.


i do institute wedding styling course : 10.08.17

Venue: Parker Crossing

I Do Institute Wedding Styling Course was held at Parker Crossing in Downtown Bryan. This course is all about showcasing to brides the key tips of wedding planning and design. There were multiple stations that went through every aspect of a wedding day, from get ready time all the way to bride + groom exit. I was able to work with my boss and her assistant to plan each aspect of the day. I traveled to meetings with vendors, set+up on the day of, and even was able to invite brides into the room and show them around. I learned a wide variety of tips and tricks that day that I have now been able to share with my clients to provide them with the best options for their wedding day.

Belton Wedding.jpg

Aryn + Kurtis : 10.07.17

Venue: Giddings Stone Mansion

The bride was very creative and loves to do calligraphy. For her wedding day, she created all of the signage, table numbers, custom coffee cups, and many more unique items. This was a wonderful way for guests to arrive because the calligraphy was consistent throughout all invitations, and the day of. 

This wedding was one of my first at a different venue outside of Peach Creek Ranch in College Station, Texas. There are many different expectations with it being at a different venue and a variety of rules or precautions to follow. The staff of the venue already had tables, chairs, and linens set once we arrived on the day of. The first tasks I was assigned when we arrived was to check on the groom + groomsmen and get them ready for photos before the ceremony. I learned a great deal about specific wedding day timelines through this event with being at a different venue, and being aware of where the bride and groom are at all times to ensure they do not see each other.


Olde Dobbin.jpeg

Ashley + Joshua : 10.15.17

Venue: Olde Dobbin Station

Ashely + Joshua exchanged vows at Olde Dobbin Station in Montgomery, Texas. There is a great deal of history and unique qualities with this venue that were showcased very well. On the morning of the wedding, I arrived to the venue and begin to fix the layout from the wedding the previous day (moving tables, putting down chairs, etc.) Alongside this, I also assisted with placing linens on all the tables and adjusting chairs. 

This wedding provided a great example to see how different a Sunday wedding is from a Saturday wedding. There is a different timeline base, overall feel, and a different timing of the venue opening. 

ODS Shoot.jpg

Boudouir Styled Shoot : 10.16.17

Venue: Olde Dobbin Station

A styled shoot is a way for multiple vendors from the event industry to come together and design a shoot that is their style. This collaboration can be submitted to different magazines, wedding sites, and so much more. Specifically for this shoot, we decided upon a Renaissance Romance feel that is very whispy and free. 

I was able to correspond with vendors throughout the planning process to line up delivery times, rental items, and floral inspiration. On the day of the shoot, I got to assist in setting up all the rental items, floral pieces, and helping the photographer in any way possible. This styled shoot was a great way to learn how to market as a Event Planning and Coordination company, and how to reach new clients while showing your own sense of style.

Brownstone Table.JPG
Brownstone Reserve.JPG

PAM + JUAN: 10/21/17

Venue: Brownstone Reserve

Pam + Juan were married at a church in College Station and then hosted their reception at Brownstone Reserve. This was one of the first weddings I coordinated that was not happening at the same venue. There is a different timing that must take into account the travel and overall wedding day timing. I was able to be apart of beginning planning meetings and work one-on-one with the lead coordinator to learn how to plan a timeline when accounting for the travel and possible arrival of guests + wedding party.

On the day of the wedding, I assisted with setting up the tables, chairs, linens, and napkins. I helped to coordinate vendors as they arrived and ensured everything was adhering to the wedding timeline. After the florist left, there was a glass breakage, so I had to get the broom and clean up the mess before any wedding party or guests arrived.

Kyle Field.jpg

Kyle Field Suites : 10.21.17

As a horticulture major, I have the opportunity to be apart of the Texas A&M Floral Club. This club is in charge of designing the arrangements that go into the suites in Kyle Field. Every year, the specific suites give a description of what they would like their suite to look like (colors, flowers, etc.) Each Thursday night, we gather in the Horticulture building and complete the designs for all the suites. This entails cleaning all the containers about to be used, designing the arrangements with specific flowers, and ensuring everything works together. We also assist with the set+up and tear down of each of the suites.

This specific suite pictured above really wanted to do away with floral arrangements directly on the table and instead suspend them into the air. This was a very unique design to be apart of, but is great for this type of space since there is a heavy amount of items upon the tables and buffet area. This specific event was a great way to learn how to design floral arrangements for a higher end client, as well as the different timeline for delivery and pick-up times.


Totally Tikka shoot : 11.04.17

Another lady I follow on Instagram was sharing about how she was going to be doing her Easter table setting in a few days and all that she encompasses in that shoot. As I was watching her video, I heard her mention about the floral aspect and just having to buy items from her local grocery store. I reached out to her, and she allowed me to come in and create various floral elements for her table setting.

We started with a table arrangement that showcased the colors in her new line of plates. The color scheme was very important for her because the pictures were taken in her home, so we could not control the wall color and other aspects. I was also able to decorate this wooden bunny, which was a unique and creative setting for this table. I learned how to communicate effectively with a client only over the phone because we did not actually meet each other until the day of this shoot.