Internship Opportunities

Hey y'all! I am a Junior Horticulture major at Texas A&M University, and it is a requirement to graduate for me to complete an internship! I have been interning with All Things Planned since May 2017 and have loved every minute of it. My boss, Amy, is absolutely amazing and wonderful to every client! I am so grateful for this amazing business & community. I wanted to create a place for all of you to keep up with my internship opportunities, so make sure to check out all these events! 





TAYLOR + KYLE: 08/13/17

Taylor + Kyle were married at Peach Creek Ranch. This wedding showcased that wonderful pop of glitz throughout the highlighted areas (sweetheart table, cake table, sign in). The added touch of greenery + white flowers added that small touch of flowers, perfect enough to make the room just the right amount of beautiful. 





Kaitlyn + Patrick celebrated their marriage at Peach Creek Ranch. This wonderful scroll containing a bible verse showcased the couples goal for their love. It was such a wonderful touch that I had never seen before, but so quickly fell in love! Those gorgeous flowers add the perfect amount of whimsy and lush to this romantic setting.






BROOKE + CHRIS: 08/25/17

Brooke + Chris exchanged their vows at Peach Creek Ranch. The beautiful tall centerpieces provide a wonderful aspect of height throughout the entire reception space. The darker color combination provides a great transition into the cooler months and allows the flowers to be a perfect pop of color!




LAURA + ROBERT: 09/23/17

Laura + Robert were married at a church in Downtown Bryan, TX and hosted their reception at Traditions. This reception setting was full of candles to provide that perfect amount of romance as the sun went down. The greenery and ivory combination were a wonderful base for the perfect pop of blush peonies!







I Do Institute Wedding Styling Course was held at Parker Crossing in Downtown Bryan. This course is all about showcasing to brides the key tips of wedding planning and design. There were multiple stations that went through every aspect of a wedding day, from get ready time all the way to bride + groom exit. 

Belton Wedding.jpg

Aryn + Kurtis : 10.07.17

Venue: Giddings Stone Mansion

The bride is very creative and loves to do calligraphy. For her wedding day, she created all of the signage, table numbers, custom coffee cups, and many more unique items. This was a wonderful way for guests to arrive because the calligraphy was consistent throughout all invitations, and the day of. 

This wedding was one of my first at a different venue outside of Peach Creek Ranch. With being that, there are many different expectations with it being at a different venue. The staff of the venue already had tables, chairs, and linens set once we arrived on the day of. The first tasks I was assigned when we arrived was to check on the groom + groomsmen and get them ready for photos before the ceremony. I learned a great deal about specific wedding day of timelines through this event with being at a different venue.


PCR Wedding.jpg

Ashley + Joshua : 10.15.17

Venue: Peach Creek Ranch

This wedding was full of personality from the couple! This gorgeous lace tablecloth added that perfect amount of country chic to the entire setting. On the morning of the wedding, I arrived to the venue and begin to fix the layout from the wedding the previous day (moving tables, putting down chairs, etc.) Alongside this, I also assisted with placing linens on all the tables. 

This wedding provided a great example to see how different a Sunday wedding is from a Saturday wedding. There is a different timeline base, overall feel, and a different timing of the venue opening. 

ODS Shoot.jpg

Olde Dobbin Station Styled Shoot : 10.16.17

A styled shoot is a way for multiple vendors from the event industry to come together and design a shoot that is their style. This collaboration can be submitted to different magazines, wedding sites, and so much more. Specifically for this shoot, we decided upon a Renaissance Romance feel that is very whispy and free. 

I was able to correspond with vendors throughout the planning process to line up delivery times, rental items, and floral inspiration. On the day of the shoot, I got to assist in setting up all the rental items, floral pieces, and helping the photographer in any way possible. This styled shoot was a great way to learn how to market as a Event Planning and Coordination company, and how to reach new clients while showing your own sense of style.




PAM + JUAN: 10/21/17

Pam + Juan were married at a church in College Station and then hosted their reception at Peach Creek Ranch. This wedding had a wonderful charm to it with the fall colors and candle lighting. The maroon napkins added that perfect touch that connected the floral centerpieces to the rest of the wedding theme. 


Kyle Field.jpg

Kyle Field Suites : 11.04.17

As a horticulture major, I have the opportunity to be apart of the Texas A&M Floral Club. This club is in charge of designing the arrangements that go into the suites in Kyle Field. Every year, the specific suites give a description of what they would like their suite to look like (colors, flowers, etc.) Each Thursday night, we gather in the Horticulture building and complete the designs for all the suites. 

This specific suite pictured above really wanted to do away with floral arrangements directly on the table and instead suspend them into the air. This was a very unique design to be apart of, but is great for this type of space since there is a heavy amount of items upon the tables and buffet area. This specific event was a great way to learn how to design floral arrangements for a higher end client, as well as the different timeline for delivery and pick-up times.





11/11/17: ROSIE + ZAK

Rosie + Zak hosted their entire wedding day on their family ranch!! This was such unique and personable day for everyone involved. The groom built each of these picnic tables that all of their guests would be sitting on for the reception. The greenery + floral garland provided that perfect amount of flowers since this was an entirely outdoor reception. The touch of gold in the chargers and silverware tied very nicely into the wooden picnic tables, ultimately bringing every aspect of the reception together.